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HackUman / Infiltrate 2019 - Custom Character

HackUman was developed for Infiltrate Convention 2019's marketing campaign.

This character is designed for animation, his joints and limbs are built for articulation.

Below you can find some samples of the artwork in action.

The blue version (A1-A4) represents the too-friendly face of a Trojan virus, where as the red version (B1-B4) manifests the true destructive nature of a hacker's intentions.

See exhibits below.

HackUman Blue Sketch

Exhibit A1 - HackUman Blue, Pencils

HackUman Blue Vectored

Exhibit A2 - HackUman Blue, Vectored

HackUman Blue, Profile, Vectored

Exhibit A3 - HackUman Blue, Profile, Vectored

HackUman Blue, Faced, Vectored

Exhibit A4 - HackUman Blue, Faced, Vectored

HackUman Red, Sketch

Exhibit B1 - HackUman Red, Pencils

HackUman Red, Vectored

Exhibit B2 - HackUman Red, Vectored

HackUman Red, Profile, Vectored

Exhibit B3 - HackUman Red, Profile, Vectored

HackUman Red, Faced, Vectored

Exhibit B4 - HackUman Red, Faced, Vectored

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